UB Partnership EXPO 2020 (24-27 Sep 2020) TRAM Clusters
Wed oct 2020
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UB Partnership EXPO 2020 was successfully organized by MNCCI on 24-27 September 2020, EU TRAM project was participated as one of the top sponsors of this event. TRAM cluster member companies displayed their products at the Expo for introduction and sale purposes. The opening speech was provided by Mr. T. Duuren. CEO of MNCCI and Mr. Carl Krug shortly introduced the TRAM project and cluster activities in brief at the opening ceremony. Total of 110 companies participated in the EXPO which produce various kinds of products at the Expo, local brand companies from aimags also were actively attended the Fair. The representatives of all TRAM clusters (baby camel wool, natural cosmetics, sea buckthorn oil, leather) were presented their products, attracted a large number of audience. Goal of the EXPO is to promote manufacturing of national products, to support the production of pure organic products, to enable assess to foreign markets, to create opportunities for traders and producers for networking and partnership.