EU Tram comprises three project components

Trade policy

EU TRAM provides support to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Ministry responsible for trade policy matters in order to...

Trade Facilitation

We aim to improve the competitiveness of non-mining export products whilst ensuring that foreign consumers are protected thr...

Export Development

EU TRAM selects certain non-mining products with high export potential and supports the development of exports through a clu...

That will contribute to the achievement of the following results:

  • The capacity of engaged Government bodies and implementing agencies will be enhanced for trade policy formulation and implementation

  • Public officials will be able to use modern tools and skills in conducting trade negotiations and implementing foreign trade agreements

  • Mongolia will fulfill the requirements of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) that will reduce the trade cost of Mongolia's exports and will increase as well as diversify the export volume

  • Mongolia will have a more favourable trade policy for its business sector and exporters;

  • Mongolia will have strong capacity to further elaborate export development strategies and their implementation through inter-governmental coordination and enhanced engagement at private sector organisations

  • The strengthening of the Public-Private Partnership will be based on the product/sector approach thus ensuring sectoral diversification and employment creation.

  • The exporting capacity of SMEs in the non-mineral sectors will be expanded by boosting the value-added of the export products.