Export Development
Thu may 2019
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EU TRAM selects certain non-mining products with high export potential and supports the development of exports through a cluster and/or value chain development approach. The project also builds the capacity of business associations to support potential and existing exporters to meet the requirements of customers in overseas markets.

EU TRAM supports the expansion of exporting capacity of SMEs in the non-mineral sectors by boosting the value-added of their export products and strengthening the capacity of business membership organisations to support them.
Selected activities:

  • Ensuring effective collaboration with Mongolian business associations such as MNCCI and other private sector representative organisations to support the private sector to take advantage of international market opportunities;
  • Carrying out studies to identify high potential export products to ensure that the project contributes to an increase in exports during its implementation;
  • Supporting the elaboration of business guides, manuals, booklets and leaflets to assist the private sector to access essential information related to exporting;
  • Conducting training courses to strengthen the capacity of MNCCI and other business associations to support exporting of products from target sectors;
  • Organizing export and partnership promotion activities, including opportunities for Mongolian businesses in target sectors to participate in international trade fairs, exhibitions and study tours;
  • Supporting Public-Private Partnership and dialogue to strengthen trade policy and export promotion.