The online training course for designers was successfully organized.
Fri jul 2020
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The online training was organized on 9 July by a famous Italian designer Yvano Philipin for designers of over 20 companies - producers of leather products and also for teachers and designers of the Design Institute and the Culture and Arts University. The samples of leather bags, purses and other leather items had been sent earlier to the expert from Mongolia who evaluated them and gave his comment on leather processing and design during the online training.

The expert had spent his whole life in developing designs and making them famous brands in the market. He commented that the quality of the leather was good, but he showed concrete deficiencies on concrete samples - some were related to processing of leather, some were too heavy and have specific smell. He explained the causes of some deficiencies whether they were from processing of the raw materials or wrong use of the technology which impacted the quality.

This is the first of total 4 online training conducted by the MNCCI and TRAM project financed by the EU. Due to Covid-19 restrictions the Italian designer was not able to come to Mongolia, but the training was conducted online.

The participants were very satisfied and active as they were explained the strong and weak points on their concrete product samples, and also they were given advise what to do to satisfy the European customers.