ITPC of Mongolia in the EU in Berlin opened on 30.11.2020
Tue dec 2020
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Information and Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) of Mongolia in the European Union in Berlin opened on 30.11.2020

The National Export Program of Mongolia 2018-2022 provides for the establishment of an Information and Trade Promotion Center of Mongolia for the European Union in Berlin. This plan was supported by the EU financed TRAM project in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) and the Mongolian German Business Club (MDWK) in Berlin. In order to secure the long-term existence of the ITPC it was resolved not only to establish an information center and showroom for Mongolian products but to sell the products to the European consumers. Members of the MDWK have then established a company which manages the ITPC as well as the attached retail shop and the planned online sales platform. Under the marketing name "Mongolian Green Labels" the ITPC will provide a direct market access for various Mongolian products to the EU market. It also consults the Mongolian manufacturers on market trends and enables direct contacts with buyers.

The shop with its location in the center of Berlin has now been opened on 30.11.2020 in the presence of the Mongolian Ambassador Dr. Damba Ganbat with a collection of textile and leather products. After their registration for sale in the EU cosmetic and sea buckthorn products and other items will also be sold. The ITPC with its retail shop and online sales platform is an important step to increasing the export of many types of valuable and high-quality non-mining products from Mongolia. This in turn contributes to achieving the objectives of the National Export Program and of the TRAM project. It is also remarkable that with the ITPC the entire value chain from raw materials to consumers in the EU is in Mongolian hands. At a time when people and businesses in Mongolia and Europe are suffering from an economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiators of the ITPC have taken a significant and bold step by establishing this facility and it is hoped that it will be a successful venture for all stakeholders now and for many years to come.