Mongolian Information and Trade Promotion Center of Europe established in Berlin.
Thu aug 2020
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Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Mongolian Information and Trade Promotion Center of Europe (MITPC) was opened in Berlin.

The Export Promotion Program of the Government of Mongolia for 2018-2020 clearly stated about the establishment of the center.  Through the program, it aims to support policies to diversify the Mongolian economy, increase value-added, and boost exports of non-mining products.

An introductory meeting of the center, which aims to sell organic ‘Made-in-Mongolia’ products to the European market, was held on August 18 at the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI). Chaired by B.Agni, a representative of MITPC LLC, the meeting was attended by representatives of over 20 companies, including the EU-funded project ‘Trade Related Assistance for Mongolia (TRAM),’ clusters under the MNCCI, Mary and Martha LLC, IDA Studios and Lhamour.

The center will serve as a bridge between citizens, businesses and organizations of Mongolia and the European Union and create low-cost access to sell competitive and high-quality products made with Mongolian natural raw materials in the markets of Germany and EU. For instance, leather, sea buckthorn, felt products, cashmere and woolen products, wooden items, tea, herbs, jams and other high-quality and ecologically pure products are possible to be exported in the first place.