Tue nov 2020
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First Seabuckthorn Cluster Forum is taking place now at MNCCI with app 180 participants. MNNCCI has been successfully implementing Pro Value project in corporation with German Chamber of Commerce since 2015 in Uvs aimag. This forum is co-organized by MNCCI, Pro Value project and EU TRAM project.

EU TRAM project is aimed to strengthen capacities and to support Mongolian public institutions and private sector for effective trade policy initiatives with a special focus on specific products/sectors with high potential, to effectively participate in the world economy.

At the initiative of Chamber of Mongolia, the seabuckthorn cluster was created covering UB and Uvs region growers and producers of seabuckthorn products which are supported now by both projects.

The event is purposed to extend the cooperation amongst stakeholders of this cluster and to exchange views on sectoral current situation and further to discuss the need to introduce new technology and innovations at production level.

At the event, the participants were informed by the state policy towards to fruit and berry sector and future tendency on export of such products.