Toby Philpott Discusses Green Exporting with Mongolian University of Science and Technology
Fri jun 2019
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Toby Philpott, Key Expert 2 on the EU TRAM project was invited by the Mongolian University of Science and Technology English Environmental Forum to speak on the topic of “A green exporting future for Mongolia: Possible directions” which is linked to the activities of Component 3: Export Development of the EU TRAM Project.

Toby focused on some of the environmental issues which need to be addressed by non-mineral sector exporters if they wish to access markets such as the European Union under the GSP+ preferential tariff regime. He also discussed with participants the issues facing key non-mineral sectors with export potential such as the cashmere and wool sectors, tourism sector and sea buckthorn and berries sectors.

A copy of the presentation (in English only) can be found here.