Public awareness on a draft of "Non Food Product Safety Law of Mongolia".
Wed oct 2019
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EU TRAM has been closely working with GASI since its start in order to achieve the approval of a new law "Non-Food Product Safety Law of Mongolia". EU TRAM has specifically giving a high importance into this Law as more than 80 percent of all injuries are caused by non-food products (as clinic study reveals). The law been initiated by the previous EU-SMMSS project, EU-TRAM has been taking over the support to GASI assisting in organizing Law Working Group meetings, providing an international expert to revise the law text, organizing necessary training courses in UB and at 3 borders of Mongolia (June 2019) with aims to present the law and to receive respective comments.

EU-TRAM provided financial support to GASI in printing several publication as a public awareness campaign and printed posters and leaflets are distributed to nationwide.