Trade policy
Thu may 2019
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EU TRAM provides support to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Ministry responsible for trade policy matters in order to enhance its capacity to assess, formulate, negotiate and implementation effective trade policies.

EU TRAM provides a capacity building programme to support the Government of Mongolia to develop effective trade policies and negotiate Free Trade Agreements and Economic Partnership Agreements, which meet the market access needs of private sector exporters.

Selected activities:

  • Providing technical assistance in formulation and negotiation of foreign trade agreements;
  • Carrying out a study on general trade related legislation and policies;
  • Conducting studies, which are urgently needed for trade policy formulation and implementation in cooperation with researchers and professionals;
  • Implementing advocacy and awareness raising activities to enhance the legislative framework and to underpin trade related policy;
  • Organizing training courses to support trade related government officials through capacity building for trade policy analysis, formulation, negotiation, implementation and monitoring;
  • Reviewing or formulating general trade related legislation and policies, particularly those directly linked to identified target products/sectors and supporting the formulation of policy documents.